Meet MiFingers™ Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Lane Rolling


In June 2004, Dr. Lane Rolling began Tropical Pathology and Infectious Disease AssociationTM. The following is a brief overview of Dr. Rolling’s academic credentials and professional experience:


Dr. Rolling lectures as a distinguished faculty lecturer at many universities about tropical pathology and global infectious disease, as well as about his experiences in clinical medicine in Peru, Honduras, Ecuador and Dominican Republic.


Dr. Rolling was most recently appointed as Professor of Clinical Medicine and Surgery at the Universidad Particular de Iquitos in 2008.  Dr. Rolling is also a member of the Curriculum Design and Review Committee for the School of Medicine at Universidad Particular de Iquitos and trains interns and Residents in Trauma and Infectious Diseases.


Dr. Rolling has conducted research in tropical disease and infectious diseases for approximately eight (8) years in PERU and has worked extensively with native Peruvian Shamans to find new drugs.

Dr. Rolling has lived and worked in Peru for approximately 8 years and continues to teach in Cuzco and Iquitos. His duty as Director of Clinical Education for TPAIDATM is to coordinate clinical education and medical missions for students that organization trains worldwide.  Dr. Rolling’s motto is to "Challenge yourself to be your best”.

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