The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic has changed how we think and handle just about everything; where we go, who we interact with, and what we touch. In today’s modern and technology driven world, there is an ever increasing multitude of devices which operate using an entirely touch screen user interface. Examples of such public interactive devices include ATMs, airport check-in screens, self-checkout screens and other point of sale terminals. These public interfaces have become a hub of pathogen activity. This is similar to the way in which door handles are a hub of pathogen activity due to the fact that so many people touch door handles on a daily basis. The lack of cleanliness of door handles is something that has been known for a very long time and solutions such as automatic doors have been implemented in high traffic areas to reduce the spread of pathogens.

The accumulation and spread of pathogens across public interactive devices is an issue of the modern developed world, and MiFinger™ acts to combat it. MiFinger™ creates a physical barrier between the skin of the finger and the surface of the touch screen on interactive devices. In addition to limiting the transfer of oils and dirt to the screen, MiFinger™ also serves to prevent the transfer of pathogens to users’ fingers, and vice versa, when touching public interactive device.




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